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Three tubes of blood will need to be drawn for the test. It is recommended to stay off supplements for a week before taking this test, and it is not necessary to fast before a blood draw.  This test includes one 60-minute session with Jessica, RD to review the results.  We will contact you once the results are received by our office.

Micronutrients Panel

  • Before the test: 

    • You’ll receive a personalized instructions email from Rupa Health with everything you need to know about what kind of blood sample is needed and how to prepare for your test before your kit ships! 
    • This test requires a blood draw.  You will receive your instructions e-mail, which will include local phlebotomy options for you to call and schedule an appointment.
    • Next you’ll receive the test kit in the mail and review its contents. You’ll bring the entire test kit and requisition form with you to the blood draw.
    • Prepare yourself! 😄
      • Freeze your cold packs and additional samples as necessary
      • Drink lots water
      • Understand how to adjust your medications or diet for the test
      • Check to see if your blood test requires you to be fasting

    During the test:

    • Bring your entire test kit and requisition form with you to the blood draw! 
    • Phlebotomist will process and package the sample for you 📦
    • Phlebotomist will ship the completed kit (note, in some situations, you will have to drop the ship off at a carrier! All postage is pre-paid.)

    After the test:

    • Be aware of the turnaround times for your lab!
    • Results will be directly released to Jessica/Dietitian Approved Nutrition, LLC once they are ready 


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