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Have you every bought a planner and found that it wasn’t as practical as you’d like it to be? That was me. I’ve used planners since I can remember. Weekly planners with goal setting, project planning, budgeting and so many other spaces to plan. I used them and made them work for the year (I was NOT going to go out and buy another one. Since I’ve been focusing on my own personal health journey, I’ve come to “morph” them into books that helped me plan not only my professional moves, but my ambitions and health actions. I would schedule my gym time, plan my meals and even tracked my water intake in them. I thought to myself, “ wouldn’t it be nice to have a planner that had all of that already built in?” Even if I’m using a few apps to plan my meals, track my water and remind me of all of the things I have to do in a day, I still need a place to be able to see ALL of that…a one-stop shop. I also needed some space to journal my thoughts, write and commit to my goals, as well as reflect back on how my weeks were going. So here we are…the wheels spun and I created my own planner.

Beginner to B.O.S.S. Weekly Planner

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